Oktoberfest: The Largest Funfair of the World in Munich
If you are a beer enthusiast, you will be fascinated by the overwhelming joy and the abundant quantities of beer available during the sixteen days of Oktoberfest. Being one of the major events in Munich and attracting about 6 millions of locals, as well as tourists, on an annual basis, Oktoberfest stretches from late September to the first weekend of October every single year. Although there are celebrations in several other cities within Germany and all around the globe, the original funfair is glorious and indeed the most prominent option for whoever loves alcohol and tradition in Bavaria.

There is a whole ritual that remains intact over the passing of the years, with the Mayor tasting the first beer that is tapped during the festival. The festival dates back in 1810. Therefore the historic background of such celebrations is truly significant. All the participants of the festival wear traditional hats with goat hair and of course there are special dresses and wearing apparel that have been identified as the most suitable dress code for the fair. Women tend to wear Dirndl and men wear Sennerhut and Lederhosen. The beer served at the festival is slightly stronger in alcohol percentage and sugar levels and this is why all the guests are strongly advised not to overestimate their ability to consume alcohol daily. There are plenty of things to do, if you decide to visit Oktoberfest, besides drinking beer and eating traditional Bavarian treats. You can engage in carousel and other games or you can enjoy listening to rock and folk music. The tents will amuse you and keep you in a great mood, due to the beer that flows all over the place!

This is by far the most popular attraction of Munich, luring millions of people every year from Germany, Europe and the world. This is an opportunity for everyone to dance, eat and drink, have fun and forget about anything else but entertainment!