Exquisite Bavarian Gastronomy and Mouth-Watering Dishes That Will Delight You
Bavaria can take pride in having exceptional specialties, when it comes to its gastronomy. There are hidden treasures in every single part of Germany, while there are influences from Austria and Czech Republic in the cooking methods and the ingredients used. If you have ever been in a beer garden or if you have ever had the chance to taste the special treats during the Oktoberfest, you already know why this cuisine is so intriguing and popular all over the world. Having been based on potatoes, cabbage, pork and bread, this is definitely what every person wants to feel great when eating!

Among the most commonly used breads and floury treats for you to try out, there are the Pretzel and the Knödel. Potato salad with sour cream and dill will also thrill you, as well as cabbage salad and bread soup. Then, there are wonderful dishes based on various kinds of sausages and thickly textured salads and side dishes. Strudels and apple pie, chocolate rolls and fruitcakes are the most popular desserts in Bavaria and you had better have a taste of Bavarian cream. There is a plethora of pure and savoury ingredients that are combined perfectly and offer unique recipes that will take you by surprise, fill your belly and help you feel amazing. This is called comfort food and the Bavarians are experts in such culinary delights! As for the drinks, there is nothing like the traditional Bavarian beer for you to drink while tasting these splendidly cooked recipes that date back a long time ago. Besides that, there is also the Franconian wine with the distinctive taste that you can sip instead of beer.

From all the details that have been pointed out about Bavarian cuisine, you can see why so many people get thrilled by such recipes and fall in love with the mouth-watering and exciting tastes that they come up with in beer gardens and other traditional German restaurants and taverns!